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About Green Building

The U.S. Green Building Council provides guidelines and training to architects, developers and contractors on environmentally sensitive construction. The Washington, D.C.-based non-profit group's rating system, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, has been the industry standard and has the most rigorous and stringent requirements for determining whether a green building is Earth-friendly to the core.

But LEED had been available only for commercial buildings until November 8, 2007. The green council has rolled out a new rating system for residential construction, called LEED for Homes. New homes and major renovations will be rated for environmental performance in several categories, including site choice and preparation, energy and water use, building and finishing materials, quality of indoor air and even for making sure the occupants know how to keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

Green LeafLEED inspectors award points for performance in each category. For example, a dual-flush toilet that saves 10,000 gallons of water a year would earn some water efficiency points, while a gray water system, which diverts filtered wastewater from sinks and showers into that low-flow toilet, would earn even more.

The more points earned overall, the higher the LEED category awarded. Solidly green homes will get the "certified" label. Those that have an even lighter touch on the environment can attain silver, gold or platinum status.

The Process

We, at Blossom Homes, are crazy about Residential Green Construction. We make the process simpler to understand, exciting and fun for clients to explore the selections and ultimately, more cost effective for each and every client.

Checklist for GreenFirst, we work with our clients reviewing their needs and wants Checklist for Green. We compare and prioritize each clients checklist to the LEED category checklists in order to coordinate their Green Utilized & Individualized to Desired Extreme Plan or GUIDEP. Once we establish the clients GUIDEP, we then work these products and design specifications into the house plans and site to properly accomplish the end in mind.

We have a fantastic understanding of what it takes to make any project Green to the Extreme. We have completed LEED certified Platinum projects and well as have made base level green part of every home we have ever built.

We also make every remodel rigorously fit all our green requirements. Clients love this since most of the time the home or project we start with is not very green. It is fun for clients and for us to transform their home or project utilizing GUIDEP to a more efficient, sustainable and healthy product.

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